Attiny85 Password Manager with arduino bootloader


I'm new to arduino and have a question.

I have seen this tutorial: DIY USB password generator | Code and Life

And want also make it, but I need an Atmel programmer for it. Is that right?

But I have not a programmer, so I considered that I build this with an arduino bootloader and so write the program with arduino IDE.

Is that possible?

If you have an Arduino board then you can use that as an ISP programmer using the Arduino ISP sketch.

You can also use the Arduino IDE for writing your program if you use arduino-tiny (Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.)

The one thing that I don't think you can do is have an actual bootloader on the ATtiny. It doesn't have hardware UART or the facility to run a bootloader on reset as far as I know. However that doesn't stop you using the Arduino IDE. You just use your Arduino board as the programmer.


Thank you for your reply.

Means that I can run the code of the tutorials or rewrite the code for arduino?

My goal is to create a password generator like in the tutorial.

OK - I misunderstood slightly, but I think the idea is the same. I thought you were intending to write a project in the Arduino IDE based upon the linked project. You could do that and use your Arduino as ISP.

If you just want to implement their project then I think you should be able to use their existing .hex file and simply upload it using AVRdude, using your Arduino as an ISP programmer. I think recent versions of AVRdude are set up for that without any fiddling but I have never tried it so you may need to await a more seasoned Arduino ISP user! My understanding is that you would upload Arduino ISP to your arduino board, connect the CS, MISO, MOSI and Clk pins of the two chips then tell AVRdude to upload to the ATTiny using Arduino ISP as the programmer.

I don't think it will be difficult with a little guidance but unfortunately I don't quite have the right experience to lead you any further on this one. Keep at it thou' - I'm pretty sure this can be done.


Yes! The author published the source code and it contains a makefile.c , makefile.hex and

How can I upload those with arduino ISP?