ATTiny85 really uses nanoamps?

I just received uCurrent Gold device to measure current more precisely and tested it on my ATtiny85 powered Digital Butterfly pin and got shocked (not physically) a little by the result.
While in power-down mode ATTiny85 seems to use just 140nA max :fearful: . Am I reading this right? Is it possible?
That’s like 125 years life for CR2032. Of course I realize battery itself won’t last more than few years due to self discharge and chemical damage, but still…
While awake and bliking it shows about 10.3mA max, which is about 15 hours, so that part makes sense…
For testing I set my Fluke 85V to mV range, and uCurrent to 1mv/nA 10k setting… Voltage supplied is 3V


That figure sounds reasonable.

[quote author=Nick Gammon link=msg=2015723 date=1419518854] See

That figure sounds reasonable. [/quote] Thanks! Yeah your post does say 100nA. I just tested on plain 328p (SMD) and I'm getting around 100nA in deep sleep mode! Wow now I'm wondering what eats up other 40nA :) Must be resistors, but who cares, this is still very very low power! :)