ATtiny85..send raw IR data

Hello all: I have RAW IR data that i have captured using a NANO, Then using the NANO i can then transmit this RAW IR data to the IR LED and all works just fine.
Now i want to just send the RAW code using a ATtiny85, but it will not compile. The reason is the ATtiny85 seems to have only timer 0 and 1. The library uses timer 2, so thats the end of that.
I cannot seem to find any ATtiny85 sketch that will simply take my RAW code and send it. I know i also need a library entry to support it, however i can not seem to find anything there. My ATtiny 85 will be xtal controlled so i do have to fool with any calibrations.

Any help in this area will be greatly appreciated
thank you

As this seems to be a programming problem I have suggested to the Moderator to move it to the Programming section.

If you want help I suggest you post the program that works and the one that doesn't so we can see exactly what you are talking about.

Can't you modify the code so it works with Timer1 on the Attiny?

Or just use an Atmega328 rather than an Attiny?



Moved your topic to it's current location as it is more suitable.

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