Hello to all,
I’m happy to be successful after a myriad of attempts to load the program, which I attach, on attiny85 after using the library servo8bit.
The problem is that now the servant does not turn but attaching the photo of the links made I ask you if I’m wrong about it in the connections.

  • For the program I also included the 2 special libraries and chose Timer0

Basically, the servo at the touch of a button should move the first time by 50 degrees (then return to the initial position) and after a second press of the button, move 100 degrees and then return to the initial position after a delay
So I ask you if there is any connection error I do not see.

Last thing.
The Servo8bit library uses microseconds and not milliseconds.
My need is to stay in delay for about 5 sec.
Should the value be updated based on?

Thank you already in advance … :slight_smile:

isidoro_x_attiny85ultimo.ino (898 Bytes)

You're in the german forum - are you aware of that?