Attiny85 Shield but no Digispark

right now I am developing a Led changing circuit with a Attiny85. The point is, that I havent got a lot of space in my case for the Digispark Shield and in addition to that I dont really need the voltage regulator on the board. I am using a 5V stabilized source. I would like to buy just a Dil8 Attiny85 and connect my stuff to the pins. I am not able to build my own shields. Does anyone know if there is a universal shield just like a breakout thing for the pins for DIL8 housings without anything else? It wouldnt be very nice, connecting my wiring directly to the tiny pins, would it?

Use a little piece of stripboard/veroboard!

You will need to attach a 0.1uF bypass cap when using a bare DIL chip.

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