Attiny85, sound intensity and frequency, temperature.

This is a question about feasability for the attiny85, I have all parts except the microphone and the Attiny85ā€™s.
I have lots of Arduinos and Raspberries so most of software is already prototyped and working :slight_smile:

My idea is to make a PCB 20 x 380mm with 11 temperature sensors in OneWire setup.
Along with this one single Electret Microphone to measure audio intensity during a 100ms sampling.

All is transferred with 433mhz high quality link to a receiver which uploads the data to a server online. The whole setup updates each 30-60 seconds. It will be scaled for 100 sensorpackages to 1 reciever. Wether some of the transmissions are lost is not so important as long as majority ( 95% per day) comes through.

Software wise Iā€™m using the Radiohead Library, python and sql.

Will this be too much for the attiny85? (especially the sampling with the Electret microphone)

The use for this is to easy roll out and measure temperature between beehive frames along with sound intensity.
The reason for Attiny85 is simply power usage.