attiny85 useing ping sensor

im currently playing carpenter and building my 7 year old a 10 foot by 10 foot bed room from scratch i want it to be a fun room to be in soo im thinking of ways to use some arduinos to to make the room its self more interactive with the occupants i have ordered 5 ping sensors and 40 plus rgb led im going to make staggered grid like lighting panels for the ceiling so like a checker board look using 1x1 white cloth squares and the plan is to use the ping sensors one in each corner and one in the ceiling in the middle now im thinking to simplify the wiring could i use attiny85's one for each sensor to filter out the garbage and return a value that my atmega can shift the lights in the room to have an effect of the colors of the leds following you and depending on what corner of the room you are headed to it gets brighter i was just wondering if any one had any ideas on making this a bit simpler and if the ping sensor will work by its self with an attiny 85 to feed my mega values or would this work better with a simple IR distance sensors

You can check out this thread:,111683.msg844624.html#msg844624

There's some code that I got from instructables. Just search SR04. The official ping sensors are a little different. It's just a deal with 3 lights that change as the ping distance decreases but I thought it was cool that it worked with an 85.

I was also fooling with some charlieplexing using the 85 and had 9 LEDs going off one chip. Maybe you could combine the ping sensor input with some multiplexing and do something cool!

i have not learned the multi plexing secrets yet haha .. but yeah i had that same thought that the kids would like that kind of thing 9 off one 85 would not be to bad thanks for the tips..

Note that the Ping sensors make a slightly audible "click" sound. Kids (and dogs) have much better hearing, and may be more sensitive to this sound. If this is a room where someone is supposed to be sleeping, that sound may be irritating to someone with good hearing.