ATtiny85 with flex sensor

I tried this out on a nano:

int flexSensorPin = A7;//pin2 tiny
const int Piezo = 2; //pin0 tiny
void setup(){
  pinMode (Piezo, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  int flexSensorReading = analogRead(flexSensorPin); 
  if (flexSensorReading<250) {
    digitalWrite(Piezo, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(Piezo, LOW);

Is it possible to run this off of a ATtiny85? I figured I can use pin 2 on the tiny for the sensor and pin 0 for the piezo. Ive uploaded the code to the tiny but nothing beeps as before. I changed the pin numbers. It worked fine on the nano.

Looks like you have the +V wire connected directly to the Ain pin ?

Yes, you mean the V+ from the 3.7V battery to the tiny's Vcc pin? I changed the image, I had a discrepancy from what I actually have. What I posted is larger, clearer and what I actually have.

I just found the problem.

It's called A1 not 2.