ATTiny85 with Nextion display

I am looking for help to use the Nextion display with ATTiny85.
Pl help me out.

I am using arduino UNO as ISP and uploading a code in ATTiny85 programmed for 1 IR obstable sensor to display the in Nextion display.

Hello cvashish,

You were given help in your other post, which you have not responded to;

If you don't respond when people try to help then the are unlikely to continue to help.

You have not said in this post what help you want.

Perry, I already responded with the feedback regarding my previous post but not sure what went wrong and it was not posted. Anyways Thanks man your method helped me alot.

Earlier i was trying to use nextion display along with arduino UNO board, i am using ATTiny85 and UNO as isp.

I have connected a IR sensor to PB1 and nextion RX TX to PB0 & PB2 resp.

After uploading the program, sensor is responding to the obstacles but data is not showing in Nextion.

To provide any useful help you will nee to provide:
Information about the IR sensor, what it actually is, maybe a link to where you bought it from, data-sheet.
A schematic of how you have connected everything, not a list of this connected to that.
Your Arduino code, please use code tags </>
Your Nextion configuration, you can put it into a zip file and upload that

Photos of what you have done also help.

And which tiny85 core are you using?