Hello everyone,
I've been working on an Attiny85 project and am trying to program the microcontroller using WinAVR and Burn-O-Mat to burn the code onto the chip.
After i plug the chip to the arduino ISP and try to read the fuse bits using Burn-O-Mat, I see all the bits HIGH for all three of my Attiny85 chips and am unable to write over them with the default fuse bits, the application says error writing fuses.

I have bought one of the attinys from the market and got this problem with that one at first, so I thought I had bricked it somehow or it was bricked to being with. So then I ordered two more from amazon and when I tried to read their fuse bits, again, all the bits were marked/HIGH.

How can I rewrite fuse bits?
Are these chips bricked?
Am I using the Burn-O-Mat wrong?

What else could be the issue?


If you are still tracking your thread/post, please visit this link to get a solution to your problem with regards to fuse bits of ATtiny85 MCU.