ATX PSU and Arduino

Hello all,

I have been reading a bunch of threads on these topics, but want to do a sanity check to make sure I am brining it all together correctly. I would like to power my Arduino Mega with the +12V supply of ma ATX PSU. First question, is it recommended to use Vin or the DC jack? My understanding is the only difference is that jack has reverse protection. Also, I assume I should throw in a 24ohm or so resistor to bring current to 500-1000mA? Has anyone has issues with analogue using PSU 12 on Vin? Lastly, I will need to continue using the USB for serial comm. With having a Vin and usb connection interfere?

Thanks in Advance!

OK, first two things are that you need a load on the ATX supply (generally the 5V line) to allow it to regulate, and 12V is unwise to power the Arduino using its own regulator, even supposedly regulated 12V.

You are probably better to have a “dummy load” across the 5V line and also use that directly for the Arduino.