Atxmega32a4u for a development board


I always had the wish to make a personal development board. I wouldn t like to use the standard avr mega or tiny, so i thought about the xmega. I read everywhere that they are full of bugs, expensive, evil and a lot of bad stuff.

Obviusly i doesn t have the experience to use them at the low level (registers) so i would use this repo that looks quite active compared to the others.

Anyone knows good reason to not use them and stay with the fellow avr mega or stm32?

  • Some libraries and example code will not be compatible.
  • Less people in this community have experience working with XMEGA so you will have less chance of getting help if you run into problems.

There is a lot of benefit to using the popular parts that are already well supported. However, I’m sure there are many opportunities to make significant contributions towards making these parts accessible to the Arduino community. Some people have to be the trailblazers who make Arduino more than just a small selection of AVRs.

I just discovered that the i2c never worked, maybe i will just stay with a mega644pa...

But that 5 serials and dac tempted me :(