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Melboune Australia
They have regular clearances & sales - keep an eye open, or subscribe to their list !


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Fixed the link - sorry.

Wow! :grinning:

They are still in business! I haven't bought any stuff from them in many years! (They got a little expensive.)

I have a number of Starmaid Storemate 52 litre bins full of Rockby stuff secreted around here. I vaguely remember what most of it is. The thing I have probably most used is a quantity of white IEC leads about a metre long which are super useful to connect PCs and monitors (and other things) without dragging on the floor, cost no more than $1.50 each. What I really need are some "clover" leads of about half that length - to prevent "bricks" dragging on the floor on all my ACER Veritons and the like.

Problem is you have to buy in bulk to make the freight worth it. :astonished:

Luckily I’m not far from them, and they know me- so I can usually score a pretty good price!
They also have a scratch & dent / manufacturers old stock section in the building next door - really interesting unsorted odd bits if you have the time to stop in.

Sadly - in this respect only - I do not live in Melbawn! :roll_eyes:

But at one stage they knew me well enough by email and there was some horse trading.

They still sell valves!

In Melbum, we need the warmth.
(I’m originally from Sydney)

I get a email/newsletter from them, some interesting stuff.

Many, many, many years ago, BI (Before Internet), a group of use used to do a pilgrimage to Melbourne, 100kms.
Radio Spares (Wireless Bits)
Dick Smith (Tricky Dicky)
Rockby Electronics
All Electronic Components
Stewart Electronics
McGraths (The store staff still wore grey dust coats in the 1970s)

Those were the days.......

Sadly - in this respect only - I do not live in Melbawn!

In Melbum, we need the warmth.


Is it possible you are missing the irony of Australian - if not Melbournian - posters themselves? :roll_eyes:

Probably over my head !

Hey, I remember Radio House in George Street - almost opposite Hobbyco!

But much more interesting was Tempe Disposals who scrapped stuff from PWS. Those were the days ... (Sigh)

And the place in Redfern - trying to remember the name. Mike Sheridan Electronics

Radio House in George Street

... and of course - RDS: Radio Despatch Service, opposite Central Station on George Street!

Fun link
Radio Television & Hobbies 1964

They were generally over-priced in my experience.

Mentioned in my link.

And the place in Victoria Rd. Marrickville/ Enmore - the fellow (or rather, his son) I think now comes to field days.

I shall look through more of the RTV&H link later. Or I possibly could locate the magazine itself (with considerable effort). Perhaps not, I would only have consistent archives in the order of 1970 to 2007. :roll_eyes:

I think the serviceman was my consistent favourite. :grinning:

Radio Television & Hobbies 1964

You have to have the "UNA Mutual Conductance Valve Tester GB 24A"
In my teens I was given about 24 copies of Electronics Australia, I combed through them many times.
I have a CD here somewhere of RadioandHobbies magazines.
Tom.... :slight_smile:

In my teens I was given about 24 copies of Electronics Australia, I combed through them many times.
Tom.... :slight_smile:

I think I mentioned this when we met up - that I was given an almost complete set from day-one (in the 30s/40's IIRC) up to around 1970 - maybe 5 or 6 missing !
Back then - I tried to sell/give them away as we were moving - couldn't get a bite - so they were 'lost forever'
But I did go through them all over a couple of years. Loved every page.

I kick myself today - back then I was a teenager... without the internet.

I can't remember what I did in my teens...

The trouble was, I had enthusiasm then ...

It gets a bit hard to recall that. :roll_eyes:

The trouble was, I had enthusiasm then

I had more guts than brains...always looking for more excitement.