Aucasi - Opensource real home automation

We are four entrepreneurial students that will smarten up everyone’s home with an easy-to-install plug & play device. Aucasi Socket is the lowest entry home automation system imaginable, plug in, configure it once and your home is automated. Aucasi respects privacy as it does not collect any personal data like behavioral patterns.

Aucasi is opensource and can communicate with other devices via the internet. You can create your own low-power safe sensors and devices that can switch other devices (like a TV, lights or fans). With Aucasi Socket and your own imagination you can create your own automated home just as you like!

It is not only a smart open WiFi switch, it has multiple sensors that you can integrate in your own projects as well!

Aucasi Socket is available on Kickstarter, visit or for more info!

We also like to ask you some feedback, so if you have ideas for features or things you would like to see automated, please leave a comment!

What is the standby power consumption?

Around 0.5W

The beautiful gadget for every home.

Can the control app operate without connecting to the internet? Is it possible to control some Aucasi Sockets in one control app and in one main interface like a dashboard?