Audio controlled lightshow

Hi, I have been working with RGB led-s a lot lately and I got to an idea, that I would like to make a lightshow. I was thinking of doing something in between ordinary audio-controlled "bliknking" and pure digital - audio independent (lame IMHO) lightshow. So that I could have a pattern and multiple combinations that would exchange "with music". My first problem is, how to get arduino to "understand" the sound? I would prefer connecting a microphone, but how to destinguish between frequencies? My first idea on this would be to take one microphone and use a pre-amp, then create multiple filters (we have what, 6 analog inputs, right?) to filter out some frequencies (I would like at least 4, but filling all ADC's would be great) and then monitor the intensity using ADC. Would this be possible and if so, any idea how to get to design of input filters? In the end I am thinking of having 8 RGB leds, this isn't a problem with an external driver, right?

Regards, Peter

What you need is called an envelope follower :-

Great, I'm glad someone did this allready! So I only need to make a few chanels and apply filters at the inputs. Any idea on this, how to make simple filters?

Arduino's almost like an iPhone: if you need something... there's an app for that :)

Arduino's almost like an iPhone

Except you can hold an Arduino any way you like ;D

Except you can hold an Arduino any way you like

Plus you can change whatever you want ;)

If you want music details .. I just bought and got one of these 7 band EQ chips working ..

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Product Link:

Adapter Link: I use this adapter so I can breadboard the tiny chip.

Be sure to read the datasheet and order / assure you have all other related parts for the circuit.

Here is an EQ I made using that chip.

If you need help getting it working, I have it solid code to run the EQ and can post / help as needed.

Hope that helps, have fun.