Audio input to control pnematic relays.

Halloween is a coming and i am working on updating some animatronics. They run on cassette tapes at the moment and the boars are marked '87 so thought id update them.

I wish to run an arduino with either a SMD card on it with the audio files on there, and output the audio files. The audio files will just be voice and the audio signal will go into the arduino which then out puts 5 volt signals to some transistors to gate to switch the 24V to the pneumatic relays to activate.

Should i use the wave shield to accomplish this? or a simpler way you think? Possibly split the audio to the speakers and to the arduino input. using voltage references to trigger output to the transistor switches.

Any help would be great

This is not at all clear, but I assume what you are trying to do is get an animatronic head or something to open its mouth in time with the music. Duh?????

Or, secondly, how many pneumatic channels are there, and what in the audio is each supposed to respond to?

i have speech on a audio track i want to make the mouths of these animatronics sync withe the speech. there is one realy to control the mouth.

Audio on one track, control tones on the other.

Use a DTMF decoder chip to decode the tones. Alternatively use a MSGEQ7 Graphic Equalizer chip to decode the tones.


Did you finish this project? I'd love to see the sketch or some pictures of the set up??


I know this is an old thread, but a Dan Lancaster's old Bit Boffer would be a good way to create an audio serial control track.