Audio Library and Circuits


I'm teaching myself programming and electronics. As such, I'm going through different experiments to build upon. I would like to try out some sounds, but I have a few questions -

Is there a currently support sound/tone library? It seemed that the only one was contributed from an outside source and no longer maintained.

I would like to connect a small speaker or piezoelectric buzzer to either a Digital or Analog input. I also would like to know what needs to be included in the circuit so I don't wreck the controller.

Would someone be willing to tell me what library to use and how to make a proper circuit using an 8 ohm speaker or buzzer? I should mention that I have the Make, Ultimate Controller pack and can use either a Arduino Mega or Uno.


The Arduino can produce simple tones.

To protect the Arduino pin, use a 100 ohm series resistor for the speaker or the piezo element.

There are other libraries, and other ways to make tones and sound. This is a long list: But there is more.

Thank you for the info.

It appears that I just wasn't looking hard enough for the libraries on this site. I was worried for a moment thinking that the board might be useless if I couldn't produce sound, however, it looks like the libraries are there for some pretty neat sounds.

Thank You.

Three to get you started -

Duane B