audio library and file type

Hello, I'm new to arduino and had a few questions I haven't found an answer to yet on the forums. The project I have in mind will be an electronic drum set. I plan on using the piezo electric as the triggers and making pretty much all of it from scratch.

My questions I have at the moment involve the files and storing the drum sounds that will be triggered. Will I need to make a library that have the sound files that will be triggered (probably up to 6 or so sound files), and will the sound files store on the arduino uno, or will they need to be stored elsewhere? Ideally, I would like to have the drums as a seperate entity from my computer or other hardwear. Also, what type of sound files does the arduino support?


Arduino doesn’t support audio files, but it could “trigger” a sound using additional hardware. Search for wave / MP3 shield + arduino. Depends on specific hardware audio file could be .wav . mp3 .ogg etc.

After looking around, I think for now my best bet will be to try and trigger the drums and have it play a drum sample from the computer and have the sound come from the computers speaker/headphones. I haven't done much with midi's, will I need to run a connector from the arduino to the computer with a midi cable? or is there a better way to do it?

I've found some programs for the computer (addictive drums) that are ideal for using with an electronic drumkit. At this point I have a decent idea where I'm going as far as the construction of the kit, I'm just not yet sure how I'll interface it with the computer and the programs. Most edrum kits out there seem to have a drum module that all the drum triggers plug into, then run a midi cable to the computer.