Audio module suggestions

I’d need something like the WTV020-SD. Link goes to Aliexpress.
The WTV020-SD is small, it has a slot for a micro SD card and it plays sound files. An Arduino somehow picks which sound file to play. That’s all pretty clear.

But I’d like to know if you have any suggestions for alternatives to this board. It should be very small, like this one. This particular board seems to be deprecated, though it seems to be available in the Chinese market.

It looks like a near clone of the DF mini player DFPlayer_Mini_SKU_DFR0299-DFRobot

If it was me I'd buy from a reputable supplier that gives you complete specs and application notes, and maybe sample code.

Different audio modules/shields have different features. The DFROBOT module can directly drive a speaker whereas some modules need a separate amplifier. However, the speaker output is mono. (The line outputs are stereo so you can connect a stereo amplifier). Some play a variety of audio formats and some play only WAV or MP3, etc.

Most of them (all of them?) require a certain file-naming scheme so you can't use the song title as the file name. And, the processor can't directly access the file so you can't read embedded tags/metadata.

I ordered the DFROBOT module. Mono is fine. I'll use a single speaker in a dog's collar, that's why size matters.

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