Audio Out to Bluetooth Speaker?

Let’s start with the basics of the project. I’m making a talking sword prop. The issue is the sword’s voice is very baritone so small speakers don’t replicate or throw the sound well. So I decided to have the sword (which has glyphs that illuminate/flash to the voice) send the audio to a higher quality (and not unsubstantial weight) speaker hidden on the cosplayer’s body.

What I want to do is have the audio files contained on an SD card inside the sword and output to something like a bc127, intercepting the audio levels with the analog meter to control the glyph LEDs (probably NeoPixels for the colors I need). But I’m having trouble finding a bluetooth module for Arduino designed to work as an audio source (mostly I find tutorials on how to do the media controls). Does anyone have any information on how I can do this? Because of the motions the cosplayer will be doing, a wired connection is not an option.

I'd consider an Arduino in the sword, and a Pi on your person. Connect the two with BT. The Pi enables you to have better audio files stored on an SD card and wired connection to speaker.

For easy and high(er) quality sound, I'd use a DFPlayer MP3 player (easily compatible with Arduino) instead of messing with a RPi.