Audio Output used in toys

I recently just bought a silly toy for my nephew, a little truck press one button and you get a hello, other you get blinking headlights and an ignition sound and the third a reverse siren. I opened up the thing and noticed a sound output module. Is there way of replicating the same a speaker that generates a few finite sounds only pre-coded somehow. That is as soon as it is turned on the speaker gives a fixed sound is played without any manipulation from the computer. And if so how and what do you need to do this. I'm thinking of creating a bell sound module but it seems silly to upload .wav file then play.


Silly or not that is what you have to do. Those chips are mask programmed with a ROM containing the sound file. The arduino has too little memory to do that. You can always use a sound module, one of those hand held sound effects boxes. They are easy to interface if you can find the right sound.

That toy truck only cost $5.50 CDN, so these toy companies do this for that price level.

Grumpy_Mike can you give me a direct link to what you call a sound module/sound effects box.


That toy truck only cost $5.50 CDN, so these toy companies do this for that price level

When you order a couple of million of something it is amazing how the price comes down. They probably get them for $0.20 each.

This is one such module:-

I used it in this project:-

I agree with everything GM has commented on..

the price is cheap (for them) because hey have the backing/money to buy in thousands, 10's of thousands.. or even millions.. for a great price break per component.. (I doubt they only made a couple 100 of a "TOY" in a factory..set-up wouldnt justify the costs vs qty)

that being said..

there are other options..

but its up to you decide what qualifies for you and your needs I guess.. such as costs? space/size? etc..

You can use an Adafruit Waveshield.. with your Arduino..

thats an EXTRA $25.00 (or so) on top of the Ardiuno costs..

but it gives you ability to swap sound files on the micro SD at any time you want. (and plays native .wav files)

you can read up in this module (posted here),117009.0.html

ad see how others are using it.. (dont quote me.. but I thik it needs an AMP still)

prices are cheaper only a few bucks per module if I recall..

Lastly there is a library posted here called SimpleSDAudio..

that takes audio files from an SD card..and plays them natively through PWM and PWM pin 9 Files need to be converted to .afm format (but its as simple as drag/drop file on the bat file included in library)

you cant a plain Arduino and get 'audio' out on pin 9.. no other components needed.

**That being said though.. the audio quality is NOT very good as is/stock... It could benefit from an AMP.. and probably a low-pass filter of some kind.

(ask Grumpy Mike to help on this.. :) hes a audio wiz/audio experienced member)

I have used the SimpleSDAudio lib on a plain, minimal Arduino circuit.. +3.3v, internal 8Mhz clock... no v.Rgulator, very minimal design..

no filter, no amp..

very 'basic' audio...