Audio Player questions

Hi guys, I’ve been looking at various mp3 player type shields and audio players but I think my requirements are a bit beyond their capabilites possibly.

What I need is to be able to press one of 4 buttons that each play a specific audio file (mp3 format) and press it again to stop. Each button controls a different track and it needs to be able to play all 4 simultaneously. and it needs to be stereo, or 1 speaker for 2 tracks and another for the other 2.
I’ve not found anything that mentions having these features and never worked with audio before so it’s time I ask for help.

Might seem like a bit of an odd request but if anyone can help I’m bound to find them here.

I don't think you'll find any shield that can ply multiple tracks at the same time. Decoding mp3 is not a trivial task. Performing that for multiple files at once will probably exceed the ability of all the commercial mp3 shields.

I think you will have to use multiple players. You will be spending about $20 per player for breakout boards. You'll have to combine the outputs and add an amplifier to get good volume.

Some easy to use inexpensive MP3 player modules. Send simple serial.write commands to select a song, start, stop. Combine outputs with simple resistor/op-amp summing amplifier to power amp.

Thanks for the info. I might just have a go at using standard mp3 players. Seems like it'll be easier and cheaper. Plus it will finally give me an excuse to work out how to use switch case!