Audio processing & noise reduction

Hello everyone !

I am working on noise reduction and I wanted to do some experiments with an arduino. I took an arduino which get music (as an example) in input by jack. It also has a microphone and in a first try the goal is to get as an output the music - the noise around... To act like a kind of noise reducing system. Then I will do a better signal treatment. The goal is to use the system as an audio treatment unit.

Here's a simple sketch and the system to amplify the audio signal.

First could you tell me if there is a problem in my sketches, please.
Then, I wonder where should I get the output signal ? I mean, will it works on PWM ?

Thanks in advance !

Sorry to disapoint you, but Arduino is too weak to do this kind of task in real time. Unless your audio is very poor quality, just some voice and low sample rate, then it's bit possible with some tricks to speedup analog to digital converter of the Arduino. If you can feed data slowly, from file f.e., then no problem, go for it.

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