Audio Processing

Dears .. I am newbie (last month I assigned to prepare a project using Microcotroller which I did not work on before ;)) The project is audio processing .. simply enter voice --> sampling --> convert it to array data --> than process it via an algorithm.. I have Ardunio Uno .. but I checked over internet and found that it's not suitable for audio processing .. (as someone talk about). My Questions : :| 1. What is the best Arduio board for Audio Processing ? 2. Any chance to use Ardunio Uno with support external circuits like filers , amplifiers ..etc? 3. Does Ardunio Uno support real time applications ? I appreciate any directions and notes .. Thanks :blush:

  1. Due, more & faster processing power.
  2. Yes. Can add external ADC, sample at CD quality speed, store to SD card.
  3. Yes. I do realtime stuff all the time, like a fencing scoring machine. Audio would be difficult tho, too much data, not enough SRAM.

My Questions :

  1. What is the best Arduino board for Audio Processing ?

My question to you: For what processor is the code library written, that you propose to use for the audio processing?