Audio project needs a little help


New to the forum, looking for some brief advice for an exhibition/performance.

I'm working on a battery powered setup with a chipset (yet to decide), microphone, speaker and SD Card reader. Being new to this tech i am curious to know, if the following idea is feasible:

The setup is placed in a somewhat noisy environment. At a certain Db point i would like the device to start playing, from the SD card, an audio file until the Db level drops below the theshold again and continue this start/stop/resume/stop motion. Preferably i would like to

Where could i find help or information on these subjects to try and do it myself?

Thank you.

  • MetaMusse

Give some thought to how your DB sound level measuring device will not hear the amplified audio from your SD card audio file.


What Arduino are you using? Link to the datasheet or product for the SD card reader, microphone, etc? Make sure to read this for giving more detail so people can figure out what you are trying to do with your project: Information on what to give to people