Audio question, raising the volume?

Hey guys, i have 9 volts of power (6 AA batteries), a speaker (2 different ones), one from a laptop and one from something else, that looks like a well.. small speaker, and a phone + aux cable. What i did was i took the power and connected the red wires to a speaker, and then layed the black wire down, placed the aux cable on the black wire, and the other black wire on top of that, causing the speaker to play the music from my phone to the aux cable to the speaker, my question is, how do i increase the volume? the volume on the phone is all the way up, would it only be increasing the voltage, more batteries? Or do i need more than just these wires, like an arduino to power it?

Add an amplifier ?

It’s not easy to picture the circuit you’re describing, but it sounds almost as if you’ve connected the battery, speaker and aux output all in parallel. If that works, it’s only by accident. You need to know the voltage and current capability of the aux output from the phone, get a speaker that has the right impedance for that voltage/current, and the batteries would not be required. Typically this sort of thing is designed to drive a small speaker like a headphone speaker so if you have some headphones you could try them. If you’re using larger speakers, you would usually drive them through an amplifier.

Usually for a small signal like this you would put a capacitor in series with the speaker to take out the DC component of the signal and filter out low frequencies outside the speaker’s range.

alright so i don't need power like you guys said, got rid of the 9v power, and used the aux cable and the positive and negative from the speaker on the aux cable and it works just the same, but im still confused with volume, are you saying that since it is such a small speaker, about 1.5 inches in diameter, it won't get any louder than it already is?can't i just make it use the 9v power to increase voltage to the speaker increasing the volume? im really new to this and would love some help/guidance for stuff dealing with this, should i get an arduino for stuff like this? can i make my speaker play a jingle with it?

Daniel, an Arduino is no use to you at all for this purpose. An Arduino is a digital micro-controller. You need an analogue amplifier. Take a look at this:


Is there an Arduino in this project? This is an Arduino forum.