Audio samples for vending machine

HI, i am working on an old glendale monkey vending machine that had around 20-30 jokes- to tell the children when money was put in the machine and while it was in idle it also made shorts comments at around 10-15 sec pause. The machine is in english and i am dubbing it in icelandic.
I been watching videos and looking into this and was just wondering if anyone has made program that loops audio files and stops program after one audio file has been played.
And also when not in play mode it could make other short audio files with time lapses.

Thank you.

The regular Arduino doesn't have a DAC and the memory is limited so by-itself it's not good for this application but it can be used to control an Audio Shield. There are various audio shields with various features, and some can be controlled with just pushbuttons or relays but if you want to play files randomly you'll probably need an Arduino or other processor.

I recommend buying one that's well documented...


One option is the YX5300 module. This has a serial interface and can be controlled from the processor board. I did a write up about it in my blog some time ago There are additional articles on that hardware in the blog if that is interesting for you.

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These are very promising :grin:

Thank you so much
Fantastic article marco_c

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