Audio Shield ?

Hi...I'm new here. I have an Uno and so far I just played around with sequencing leds.

What I want to try and do is have 2 or three audio files that play at random order when an input is selected..... then when another input is selected I want it to play 3 other random order files....then when a 3rd input is selected....3 more at random. Oh... I need to drive thru a speaker at reasonable volume. Oh and...I also need an 4 input to drive a relay with a timing circuit in the 2 minute range.

Is all this possible with a single Uno? What would be my best shield option for the audio? I could use mp3's or wav's or whatever is best. Will I need an addition small amp?

Any ideas welcome and appreciated....

Thank you for letting into your forum.....gj

Take a look at this card Connect a couple of wires, send it a short message, it plays a file. Amp depends on how loud you want it. I connected to self-powered PC speakers, sounded great.

Hey…Thank you

Ya… that’s should work, overkill even but great price. I have way too many old PC speakers hanging around…so that’s solved also.

As for the logistics of the programming and the Uno’s limits would the task (3x3 separate randomly selected fiIes plus timed output) described be possible? (feasible never really enters in to anything I tried to do)

Your limited tasking will not be a problem.

Overkill? Hardly. More like bare minimum.