Audio Solution

Dear All,

I got a project where i need a simple solution to play 5-8 short and loud sound effects.

i trired the DF-Robot and it almost worked fine when i power it from arduino that is connected to usb.

but once i use any external powering batteries, i got noise i tried connecting 9v to voltage regulator, tried the 5v output of an arduino connected to 9v battery, and also 3-4 AA 1.5v batteries.

always has that noise coming out of the speakers.

last thing i did, i connected a 12ohm resistor between the mp3 player and the speaker and it worked.

but the sound is lower !

can anybody help me

If it works fine on a USB supply but not on batteries it is almost certainly a lack of decoupling on the supply. I would put a big capacitor on the amplifier's power supply, something in the order of 220uF plus.