Audio switch for guitar

Hello everybody. I would like to build a programmable switch for the guitar effects pedal. I try to build it with a CD4066 but it doesn't work. which integrated should I use for audio switch?

Welcome maybe we can help you. Your question is great but has no details. There are probably hundreds of ICs that could do what you want. Post a schematic of your circuit, not a frizzy thing and what your results are. Voltage levels etc would be a big help. What does the effects pedal do? There are a lot of varieties of them and they are not the same.

What makes you believe the problem is in the choice of IC, and not in your design?

I don't think that the problem is the IC but I think that if there is a IC that consider the negative part of the wave, I have less problem. Isn't It?

Tomorrow I post the circuit.

Such analog mux circuits include a DC offset of 1/2 Vcc, to accomodate the negative voltage swings of an AC signal...

Well, you do have a 1/2 Vcc offset. That's good. I didn't check the IC pinouts, but the basic concept is okay. But you only said, "doesn't work". You need to be more specific in your problem report. My initial interpretation of the circuit is that it will connect/disconnect one channel. Is that what you are testing for?

Can we have a look at your actual wiring construction please?

Sorry i had some problems...
These are the wiring:
Input:white and black on the left
Output:black and red on the right

Yes, in theory when It's open nothing had to pass in the output and when it's close the guitar signal had to pass in the output...
But when it's close I don't hear the guitar but a lot of noise

Do you have DC blocking caps on the input and output? Your power supply must "float" with this circuit... (-) can not connect to ground indirectly or directly. Check and see if it's a short.

The virtual ground that you created with the voltage divider, is connected to the oscilloscope ground. That may be connected to some power supply or signal generator common via the safety ground. That would kill the signal.

Also if you really have a scope, start tracing.

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