Audio switch, need DP3T and DPDT

im making a 3 input, two output audio switcher with headphone(1.8mm) style jacks. i will be able to switch between the three inputs(computer, stereo FM, auxilary), and then send the selected input to eaither a audio amp or headphones. so i need a DP3T relay for the inputs(DP for Left and right audio, GNDs are all interconnected and 3T for the three different inputs). then a DPDT to switch the selected audio in to either headphone or the amp.

i cant find these types of relays, where can i find them? i can find physical switches like this though...


A triple-throw relay would be a very rare thing. It would be cheaper to cascade two double-throw relays. Connect the outputs of one relay to one of the two inputs of the second relay. That gives you three inputs and one output.

Or -

It really looks like you need 3 relays for the inputs, single relay for output. the 3 input relays would let you select 1 of 3 sources, and the 1 output relay would let you select 1 of 2 outputs. (a relay has Normally Closed and Normally Open contacts) the normally closed contact could be the headphones, the normally open the amp.

ok yeah, that was my other ideas: 3 DPST and a DPDT... but i was thinking DP3T for simplicity. oh well.

There is a "mechanical" switch that I've used successfully for DP3T!

It's a switch made by NKK and is available from Digi-Key:

If you read the data sheet, add the appropriate jumpers and the sitch works like a charm!!