Audio Synth chips? Atmel Dream? Other chips?

Just wondering what are the chip alternatives for dealing with synthesis that are easy to use with the Arduino.


Generally synth chips are an old concept that was useful only when processors don't have the power. All the chips I know of have long since been obsoleted.

You can emulate the classic MOS Chip from the C64 on a Atmega 168 and trigger it via the Arduino.

I’m talking more of some serious sound chips. :wink:

Like the Atmel Dream chips. Sadly, hard to handle and not easy to find…


You can try emulating past chips in FPGA but that is something you would have to build or find a project on.

There are old chips from game systems out there but your best bet is Ebay or retro forums. Old Nintendo systems are still hackable and they make melodies.

we use dream chips at work, and if the op is posting about them your comparing a Bugatti to a bicycle

Hey, tell me more about your dream-based project. That youtube video got me curious. ;-)


Thank you for the video and suggestion on Dream Chips. I did a search on the web and all I could find is this:

Atmel DREAM SAM9755 IC's+New+Cellular+Phone...-a073880521