audio transmission via bluetooth

I would like to capture sound via a small microphone connected to an arduino.

The arduino will in turn pass it to bluetooth and then to an android program.

The sound being captured is very crude - think of a finger tapping on a surface or a drum beat.

So the quality doesn’t have to be outstanding … and depending on the limitations of the arduino and/or amarino platform,
I probably can also accept other allowances.

My end goal is to take the “beat” stream and produce a wave graph on the android tablet and save the stream
every so often as new wave file inputs.

I just don’t know if this can be done or not…

IF you will need the usual BT-modules think about the following: the BT-Devices arent "real" BT-Devices as you know from PC-Hardware or Tablet-Hardware.

The BT-Modules only allow a serial connection, no Voice, Sound etc. as in the BT-protocol described.

Dont know, if you can make such a service (Audio seems to be the best one for your project) within ARDUINO code.