Audio transmission with arduino

Ok, so here is what I’m thinking about.

My thought is to take a USB sound card and wire each of the individual output channels ( wires ) to separate transmitters. That way I could transmit each individual channel to separate speakers. Each remote speaker would have its own receiver.

This would effectively create a wireless 5.1 surround sound system.

Is this even feasible?

I think I would need 12 arduino boards plus the usb sound card, plus transmitter hardware. Would I also need a DAC and ADC at each pair?

Would it be a better idea to open up the sound card and find the digital signal for each channel and transmit that?

I was an electronics tech in the military and even though it’s been a really long time since I did any serious component level troubleshooting, I should still be able to look at a schematic and pin out on chips to figure out where the signals are going.

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Too many problems.

  1. Bandwidth - which digital transceivers support data rates fast enough for audio?
  2. Phase - how do you ensure that all the signals arrive at the speakers at the same time?
  3. Complexity, you said 12 Arduinos plus DAC (most Arduinos don't have one).

I've only listed what I think are the most serious flaws.

Most "genuine" Arduinos don't have the speed or memory required to do even modest quality audio signal processing.

The Arduino IDE does allow you to program some much more powerful processors, but the objections raised by forum member aarg remain.

Yeah, as I’m reading more and more, trying to see if this is possible, I’m realizing that what I’m thinking about really isn’t possible with current hardware from a DIY perspective. At least not with relatively simple circuits like I would be working with.

I guess I’m waiting for WiSA to come down in price and dealing with all of my wires in the mean time….

You can do it:
(1) Wireless Digital Audio Streaming Realtime with Arduino and an NRF24 Module - YouTube

You may not be happy with the results. Try it with a single channel and see if you like the results before you decide if you should go whole hog.

My question is, do you plan on adding an amp on the other side of the receiving Arduino?

My three issues remain. Even the bandwidth one, because 5 NRF transmitters running full speed in the same space near the same frequency wouldn't work.

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