Audio Visualisation Issue

Hey guys!

I am trying to make an audio visualizer using the Pro Micro 5v from Sparkfun toghether with their electret microphone board.

I have no problems reading the value from the mic, but I find it to be a real hassle trying to analyse the frequencies
using the current FFT libraries out there.

If anybody could guide me, I would be so thankful, I'm even willing to pay a couple of bucks for it as long
as I get what I need, and I'd share it on the internet for everyone to use it.

Please guys, help me.

So basically what I need is to read the value of the microphone using one of the analog inputs of the microcontroller.
Next, I'd like to buffer the values, and do some FFT on it.

I would prefer to use a function called something like Freq(int frequency) which will returng the amplitude in the range from 0 to 1024.

Give me all the links and guidance you can if you don't have any code ready to go.

I want this to be as simple as feeding a procedure the buffer of the mic, and calling a function which returns the amplitude of a specific
frequency, because I think that alot of people could benefit from it being that simple.

I've read a bit about time domain and frequency domain, as well as block size, sample rate etc etc, but I just cant wrap my head around it,
leaving me with a big hole on tom of my head from all the scratching haha

As I said, if someone's up for the challange, I'd pay a couple of bucks for it.



If anybody knows any documentation for Fix_FFT that I can read that would be great.