Audio volume on a wav file SOLVED

Hello I finally attempted to try the wav file 8bit 16.000hz on my arduino using a sd card module and it seems to work. I researched online how i might be able to do i and found a way from a website. But one thing that i couldn't get to work correctly was the volume it was way to low. i have a pair of amp speakers that should make it should a little louder and i turned it all the way yes that did make a difference but it didn't sound as loud as i thought it might not sure why the site i learn this from is Here he/she is using TMRh20 library for audio Now not sure how i can adjust the volume or if can someone please help me out? Thank you.

I found it . i had to add tmrpcm.setVolume(5); in setup max is 7 but static a lot when that high. So this post is solved.