Hiya, I want to make a talking clock. Is there a way to create sound by a speaker without buying a chip or shield? I have seen some things online about audio off of a micro SD card I have the micro SD card shield from Sparkfun but I do not know if this will help. Is there any way to do this? I want it to be able to speak the time, date,temperature, and humidity. Blue Skies 1001100111100

Google "pwm speech synthesis" if you don't want to add chips. I think you'd have better results adding a simple DAC chip, recording the words you wanted to hear, and then playing them back via the DAC. I2C versions available also.

Or, use a simple MP3 player card like this to playback a selected recorded sound. $10

Or, play with a speakjet chip Geesh, $25 plus shipping! Makes the $10 MP3 module seem like a real bargain.