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Do enjoy reading this:

Reminds me of this: Audiophiles can't tell the difference between Monster Cable and coat hangers. As if anyone could actually hear the difference an SSD makes to the sound! (Unless it bleeds noise into the audio path somehow, in which case the audio components should be designed to filter that out.)

Anyone who buys this should contact me for a great deal on a bridge that I'm selling.

Am I completely ignorant or are 1s and 0s just 1s and 0s?
Provided you have even levels of reliability and an ample data rate, how could there be any difference?
@Grumpy_Mike What do your trained ears hear?

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I am not the one with trained ears, that is my son. He is 40 now and can still here 22KHz. He did the sound for the new SKY Glass TV and discovered things that Dolby wanted to keep secret and fixed them. He can here stuff other people can’t like when there is an I2C activity on a system. He is not a fan of audiophile stuff.


What does it do?
Where in my anatomy do I plug it in?
Does it come with batteries?
How is it designed just for "Audiophiles" and "music lovers", do they have special connectors, unlike the rest of us?

  • Crystek Crystek CCHD-957 Femto clock ossilator

I got to get out more, what is an "ossilator"?

  • External 5V DC power input 2.1mm or Internal MB power with capacitor pass through

I feel so good about that..... especially the capacitor pass though, I think my surgeon fixed that on my last visit to the operating theater.

  • 300% grouding area

WOW!!!!!!! (what ever that is!)

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:
PS. If this is a glorified MP3 player, god help me. Who wants low distortion, MP3 when it already is loaded with distortion factors from original format.
PPS. My Trimodal De-Cuffuffle FET (TMDCFET) runneth over. (My FET has 500% grouding area)

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I think it's more for those 2 people in the world who can hear above 22 kHz (where a 48 kHz sample rate is insufficient) and whose ears don't bleed out when listening to music that peaks at 120 dB or higher (where a 16-bit sample size is insufficient). Only 384/32 lossless music is good enough for those unicorn ears!

So they wouldn't appreciate AC-DC then, turned up to 11?

Its lost on me then;
TG_Hearing Test_2021.pdf (2.9 MB)

Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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But my son likes Nine Inch Nails, and as part of his test regimes he does crank it up to 11.
Also likes Venart. Check him out if you like intelligent, intricate, heavy.

I don't go much further than AC-DC and Alice Cooper, rest of time, Eagles, Credence, The Sweet, MidNight Oils, INXS etc

Tom.. :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Love AC/DC and Midnight Oil
Of course I'm a hillbilly so I like a different spin on the classics:

Great, until he started singing. I'm impressed by the technical skills of the musicians, the sophisticated arrangement, and in fact all of it apart from the bloody singing!! They need to release an instrumental version. :laughing:

Try this on this one then:

Now we're talking - I think Walk Off The Earth are fantastic!

(I've also got a terrible crush on the female singer, Sarah Blackwood.)

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