Aura Sync & Arduino

Hello everyone,

this is it: I've got a 3-pin 5V led strip and I'd like to control it with Aura Sync on an Asus X470 Prime PRO mobo, which allows only 4-pin 12V strips to be controlled.

What if I use an Arduino Uno to read the PWM GRB signals of the 4-pin header and then convert them into digital signals to control the 5V strip?
How can I convert a GRB PWM signal in a signal for a 3-pin strip?
My other main issue is that I can't figure out how to read the PWM signal from the mobo (the 4 output pins correspond to 12V-G-R-B)

Thanks a lot!

You can replace the 4-pin strip by 3 resistors (12k?) to get a PWM signal somewhere between 0 and 12V. Add a RC low pass filter to obtain 0-12V DC, and a voltage divider to restrict the signal to 0-5V for the Uno ADC. Now you can measure the RGB values from 0-1023. Finally transmit these values to the 5V strip.