Aurdino HUB + Zwave+ IR + Azure Integration


I have 3 flats and 2 farm houses. I want to track the electricity consumption and turn on/off at will using my mobile(Azure portal).

I am an Azure Programmer and designed few reports by myself. I want Arduino based hardware which can feed electricity consumption live data to these Azure reports using this Arduino hardware. Also, I would like to send commands from Azure program to the Arduino hardware and turn on/off the power connection at the electricity meter.

Needs 1) I need to have an Arduino based hub which will be connected to internet at my router and can feed data to my Azure program. 2) A z-wave controller need to be installed at the electricity meter to read the consumption and send the live data to my azure program through the installed hub. 3) Electricity meter emits the reading using an IR blaster 4) Z wave controller need to have IR receiver to read this data. 5) Z wave controller at the meter should be able to receive the commands from the hub to turn on/off power connection 6) Z wave controller should run on the power derived from the line at meter. 7) Hub should have provision to register/de-register z wave electricity meter device. 8) Hub should be extendible to accept more z wave controller device registrations such as existing z wave devices in the market to control lights, fans e.t.c 9) Hub should be of 2 types. a. USB version to plug in to an existing internet router. It should be able to derive the power and internet from the router b. A standalone version with inbuild GSM slot to insert SIM card for internet and power supply. 10) Hub should have a configuration interface to facilitate connecting to a local network and to my azure program using a unique ID Instead of Arduino based hardware, If you want to offer a better solution using a micro controller based approach to facilitate data feed to azure, I am open for ideas.