Aurdino Uno Relay Control with 2 Another Delay

Hello friends,

I want to run a motor check on Aurdino Uno,

I have one button, Aurdino Uno 2 Relay drivers,

What I want to do is water, When the button is pressed (pin 3) The system will wait 5 seconds at first, and then activate Relay 1 (Pin 4) for 10 seconds. After this event, after 35 seconds, the relay will be activated for two 5 seconds and then shut itself down. After this event the system will stop and wait for the next button press signal. Can you write the code for this event? I'm new to Aurdino, if you just write me an example, I can change seconds or pins.

Thanks a lot Greetings, Berkay

We help 'you' write sketches.

Show us what you have tried.

There is a 'Gigs and Collaborations' forum on this site where you can ask people to write sketches for $.

the relay will be activated for two 5 seconds