Aurduino Micro

Hello Everyone,
I'm new to the Forum and as well to Aurduino products. therefore I'm stuck trying to decide if Aurduino micro would be the best choice for high temperature applications?
I'm working on my College senior project, which requires a micro-controller that can handle temperatures ranging from low to 55 C or slightly more. In addition to that, I need to consider cost as I have a limited budget for this, so a micro-controller of €18.00 to €39.00 would be fine.
what are your recommendations for me?
please hurry the good replies as I'm in a bit of deadline pressure ^^"
thank You


Hi Sara91, and welcome.

There's a few things you need to consider while choosing components for any setup.
If you have some special need, like that rather high temperature, first thing is to check datasheets.
A (good) datasheet tells you all about the capabilities of a component, and also about absolute maximum ranges.
These can be supply voltage, currents, but certainly temperature too.
So find the controller fitted on a micro (a ATmega32u4) and it's datasheet (click !).
Read it all (there's some good news to you in it).
Make sure you understand the differences between versions and that you'll get the correct version of the controller.

Because there is (very little) more on the board, you should also check the datasheets of those parts, like the LP2985-33DBVR regulator.

Also, after checking this all, make sure you order the stuff you just researched.
If you decide to order some cheaper clone, you'll be at risk of ordering some other parts that are not to your wanted specifications.

...which requires a micro-controller that can handle temperatures ranging from low to 55 C or slightly more.

"Handle" as in be able to function correctly when exposed to that ambient temperature?

Or "handle" as in be able to measure something else that is at that temperature?

Or you could use the published circuit and "mil" grade parts which will function at those temp's.


I did recommend you the nano based on the flash you need go for a 168 or 328p version

ATMega 328p : Tcase = -40°C to +85°C -> no problem but notice it is IC case temperature not room temperature.

For other components you must ensure that they all accept +85 ° C.
Particularly be vigilant on aluminum capacitors, prefer tantalum for high values.