aurduino not uploalding

my arduino is working the green light is on but when i upload at the last minute it says
" avrdude: verification error,first mismatchat byte 0x000 0x0cc !=0x62
avrdude: verification error; content mismatch"

i am new to arduino and i bought this prought just 2 days ago can you please help me


One thing which had me stuck for a while is the settings in the program.

After installing the drivers there is a pseudo RS232 port allocated to the arduino card/board.

Open device manager look at the serial ports and see which one has the arduino name beside it.

Then, run the program and then look in the TOOLS menu.

Check the board name is what you have and check the serial port is the same as in the device manager.

This is a ONE TIME thing, so don't fret.

I got trapped by it even after I was told, so just incase you fell for the same trap as I did.

The sketches would look ok, but when I tried to upload they failed.