Austin Texas?

Would love to join a group to share thoughts and ideas.

Would love to join a group to share thoughts and ideas.

Me too.

I’ve looked into this before. There is not specifically an arduino or robotics group in Austin. If you get to Dallas once in a while you can drop in on the friendly DPRG.

For Austin, there are some related groups. Dorkbot is a “techno-arts” group, more arts than technical. They do some things with arduino.

You might also find some like-minded people at the ATX hackerspace They have a “microcontroller mondays” meeting which might include some arduino people.

I haven’t had much of a chance lately to get to any of these meetings myself. Let me know how it goes.

I just bought my first arduino uno and am moving to Austin in a week. If anyone else out there wants to get together, I'd love to learn more, and share ideas, etc. I will check out the ATX hackerspace and am already tracking the Dorkbot group.

Hey Guys,

Sorry I didn't see this till now. I thought I would be notified if I received replies.


That Microcontroller monday sounds pretty cool.

Why does everything have to be so far north in Austin? LOL. I am pretty far south and that would take close to an hour for me (depending on the time of day).

Do you attend these meetings?

Hey guys,

I'm in Austin too, and would like to join a group to learn and get some help with projects and all that. Any updates on how the Microcontroller Mondays were?

Im in Austin looking for anyone that is working with Arduino programming. I have a project I need completed and am willing to pay someone that is well versed. Simple hardware just an Arduino UNO pulling from digital and analog sources to play various wav audio files from a wave shield board based on the range of the inputs fed to the UNO.

Just getting into Arduino's and located in Austin. Would be cool to meet some others that are into the Arduino's and see what projects they have going.

I will be in Austin on a business trip from November 20th to December 10th, would love to meet