Auto Address and Module type advice.

I’m missing a clear goal, the purpose, features and intended audience of a new bus system.

I believe (seriously) that the goal is for the project to be a legacy that outlives the OP (end of Reply #6).

Dealing in a more practical way I agree with you and I suggested in Reply #9 that the OP should build a system for one application and then examine it to see whether some of the elements could be common for a second application.
I don’t believe this can be developed as a theoretical concept - there must be something to test it against. And it must start small and evolve based on experience with projects that work and those that don’t.

IMHO this is well beyond the current capabilities of the OP and may in fact be so big as to need a team of developers - but who would be the lead developer? I don’t think the OP even has a practical concept of the types of projects that might have useful commonality. Someone with the expertise to design and develop this would be teaching us, not asking us questions.


@tbillion,you mentioned the Allen-Bradley PLCs.
They had a budget and spec, probably spending 6-12 months just to define and test the basics of the system.
Throw in four full-time engineers at $80k p.a., (2-4 man years) and you can see half a million $ with hardware development - before they get to a pre-production prototype.

Doing it yourself will cost a lot less, but your time is often ‘free’, so you need to spend it wisely!

The result can be better for your requirements than the generic mass market product (with warranty and support) if you implement it properly.

You may not sell as many, so the cost recovery is yours to determine. It has no EOL horizon as long as you keep the records and documentation.
So as long as it adds to your productivity - the custom controller can last up to 10 or 20 years in operation.

Good luck, be prepared to put a team together on specific items when needed.