Auto-Closing of topics? :(

You've made a wrong assumption. Yours isn't the only forum auto-closing stuff. I'm an expert across a broad range of obscure topics - when I make contributions (several times daily across dozens of platforms) it's frequently on "old" topics that feature highly in google but have no answers/solutions: I provide those, and I take the time and care to go back (often after days/weeks of research) to populate these places with relevant answers.

I've long given up on the "bump a moderator" concept, because it simply doesn't work. It takes AGES, and almost all the time, I end up in an argument with a grumpy/stubborn/unhelpful moderator who refuses to re-open something they think is "stale" for a variety of brain-dead reasons - like "the OP doesn't care anymore" ... so much that I now no longer bother at all with closed posts.

The problem with shooting OTHER PEOPLE in the foot with auto-closing, is that YOU never feel or notice the pain.

What percentage of posts to closed topics are valuable? You don't know, right, because you never did the research?

I notice the extreme conspicuousness of NO EXPLANATION you're giving for the purpose of auto-closing.

WHY ???



Publicly searchable, google-indexed forums exist for everyone - not just the OP or you. It's an intellectual service which we are kind enough to donate to you.

Stop kicking us in the face.

Anyone making 12+ (non-nuisance) daily posts is OBVIOUSLY going to be exempt from anti-X measures.

Nobody seems to be clear about what exactly "X" actually is. If it's spam - that's easily fixed. if it's unwanted bumps - stop bumping those. if it's irritating n00bs - deal with that intelligently. auto-close is a sledgehammer that has no place in user-contributed knowledgebases.

Let's be very clear here.
NOBODY is kicking you in the face !

By your admission "Yours isn't the only forum auto-closing stuff."
But I already knew that.

"I've long given up on the "bump a moderator" concept, because it simply doesn't work. It takes AGES, and almost all the time, I end up in an argument with a grumpy/stubborn/unhelpful moderator who refuses to re-open something they think is "stale" for a variety of brain-dead reasons - like "the OP doesn't care anymore" ... so much that I now no longer bother at all with closed posts."
Well I call BS on that in here. I may have turned down 2 requests since the auto close was first initiated and did so with good reason.
Otherwise I just open them and often also PM the requestor to let them know.
Pretty sure the other mods work similarly.

The problem with shooting OTHER PEOPLE in the foot with auto-closing, is that YOU never feel or notice the pain.

Sorry, but as was pointed out by a NON mod there is more pain without the auto close.

Explanations abound for reasons and they why's and wherefores' Can you read the thread at all ?
You are now acting like a TROLL and I would suggest you re-read the whole post and digest many of the points made instead of just attacking the idea. Trolls don't tend to last too long around here.

Just because I say stuff you do not like or agree with, does not make me a troll. Insulting people when they do say things, and refusing to provide explanations... that is trolling. Selectively responding by flaming me or with of negativity to certain aspects of a post, while completely ignoring other parts... trolling.

"Pretty sure the other mods work similarly" - How many times have you opened up a closed post on another platform and posted into it, and how many times were you turned down? If you do not know stuff, don't say it. There's a BIG difference between "pretty sure" and "actually know because I've tried that many times".

The "auto close" laziness is a disease that is spreading across global forums and making it impossible to find answers to obscure topics - there is absolutely no need to cripple the usefulness of your site with that approach. Why not read back over all my posts, and answer all my questions? Like - what other solutions exist, and have you tried them all?

You do not understand my point by the way "there is more pain without the auto close" - my point is that closed topics are turning away solution posts. That's what I mean with "YOU never feel or notice the pain". You cannot count how much damage your idea has done, because it's already done the damage (deprived the world of an available new answer), and people like me who could have solved something, simply no longer bother.

Or, if you just want to win an argument - feel free to delete my posts and cancel my account. That's the go-to solution that I notice most moderators employ to deal with criticism.

Again for clarity.


Just because you don't seem to have bothered reading what was posted and the reasons.
Nor have you checked out the other links from others.
It is not just me that has given you the information you seem to be neglecting.
The actual definition of a troll usually involves the failure to acknowledge thing's that have already been made clear repeatedly, regardless of who said them.

Actually the logs show that other moderators in here DO open posts as and when they are needed so it is reasonable to ascertain they do work similarly. If you don't believe me call them into the thread to ask them. You don't have to take my word for it.

Not here to "win" an argument. Only @6v6gt has made any valued reasoning and put up a perfectly valid point. If you want to leave feel free, nobody is forcing you to stay here.

As for other forums outside the Arduino sphere.
They are not my concern and nor are thier respective moderators.
Have seen good and bad moderators around the web but here I am 100% sure we have some of the best.
What next ? No closing of items on github ? :laughing:

I certainly do, and I cannot remember ever turning down a request to re-open an closed topic

I think that all that is missing here is a more explicit message on closed topics indicating that such a thing is possible and how to request it

I don't see what all the fuss is about- that said I haven't read this whole thread because it got a bit boring, so what I'm about to say may already have been said up above.

My experience in other forums is that when folk want help they of course do a search of existing threads. (Ok, maybe not "of course" :wink: ). Then when they find a thread that looks vaguely related to their problem, they tack a new post onto that thread. Sometimes that's ok, it depends how close the new issue is to the original. Many times it's inappropriate, and there's no real link between the new issue and the old thread. So it makes sense to close the thread automatically, provided there's some means of getting it re-opened if there's a genuine link between the old and the new. That's where the mod comes in, to make that call.

Also, just because a thread hasn't been posted in for ages, that doesn't mean it's not being read and helping folk. So it should be allowed that those with new facts to add, to increase the usefulness of the thread, should be allowed to do so. Examples might be to correct previously unnoticed errors of fact, or to add details of new methods or products which might bring the thread up-to-date. Once again, provided there's a means of asking for the thread to be re-opened, no problem.

And if the mod declines to re-open a thread when asked (as Ballscrewbob said he has done) that's the mod's prerogative. He might for example have thought there was insufficient link between the old and the new and that the new stuff would have been better in a thread of its own.

Hardly seems worth this huge thread. If you think you have something to add to a closed thread, ask for it to be opened. If it's not re-opened, start a new one and link to the original for reference.

(In fact, on Tek-Tips where I've been a member for almost 20 years, there's a button to click in a closed thread which will automatically pop a link to that thread into your new one. That always struck me as a good idea.)

edit: side note, I'm surprised there's no Arduino forum on Tek-Tips.

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Feels like it's about time to close this thread.

One side is saying the same thing over and over as is the other side, and you're both right in your own ways. But your all wrong in this needless and fruitless bickering.

I've read every single word of this entire thread twice and the logic stopped somewhere around comment 41.

Y'all got different opinions, deal with it.
I think there should be a homework help section, but I said my piece and it didn't happen, oh well. Life and my need to build will endure such a failure. Later I complained about long titles breaking the site and was discouraged, but that battle I won as discourse staff fixed the issue.

Bottom line is some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you, but neither one should spend this much time bickering about it as there are much more important projects that we should be working on, together.

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What? Close this thread?
Don't you see the irony of asking for the premature closing of a thread, the main topic of which has been the premature closing of threads.
And how should a moderator react if asked to reopen it or if he sees the same topic resurfacing in another thread ?


Not in the slightest, seems like the conversation stopped and the repetition began a while ago.

Premature would have been to say the same thing when the comments were in the 30s and still somewhat original, but here we are in the 70s and you're asking the same questions of me that you've already asked asked of others.

If someone poses a genuine reason to reopen it then it should be given the same consideration that they've already promised and already deliver.

I respect every person in this thread and it's not a sleight on anyone to say that this conversation has run its course and is no longer productive.

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This might be the reaction you're looking for and it's correct

For me there is no reason to close that topic before the 4 months auto closing.
At least we avoid a new thread every two weeks covering the same topic over and over again.

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+1 and I have said so at least twice :smirk:

Somebody change the broken record and put on a new one.

If someone asks for a topic to be re-opened I start with the assumption that I should comply. I will want to know why and I will check if they are new here or have a history of helping. There are some people for whom I will just open a topic without question because I know they make a positive contribution and I would not doubt that if they want to re-open something then they will add something worthwhile. If someone new asks and says 'I want to add my question on the end' then I won't open it but will direct them to the forum instructions and suggest they start a new topic.

You complain about mods refusing to re-open topics for you, is that your experience here or elsewhere? I agree with the other mods who have commented, we are all inclined to re-open topics when asked.


In view of the valid concerns of @6v6gt, I approached @alranel and he is OK with a change to a 6 month auto lock and an EXCLUSION for the gallery.

My own thinking is that this goes a long way to meeting the needs of many without too much fuss or compromising the reasons for AUTO LOCK.

Of course that's just my thinking so if you have a better idea then let's hear it because the last thing I want is another broken record.

@moderators please chime in here.


I don't have any strong feelings about the auto close time so let's give a longer period a try. I don't really understand why the Gallery needs to be excluded from the auto closure but I am not going to fuss about it


I have no problem with the change @Ballscrewbob has proposed.

My suggestion is that we give a period of a few days for interested parties to comment and if there is no significant disagreement then I will make the proposed changes on Monday, 2021-09-20.



Why should any thread ever be closed/locked from lack of activity?
Why put in such an artificial and arbitrary limitation on threads?
What purpose does it REALLY serve?

It seems like in the best case it didn't matter since the thread kind of self "closed" from lack of activity but in many cases it can create problems and additional work for people.

This is a technical forum, the threads contain technical information, and unlike social discussions about current events, the information in these threads doesn't expire like discussions about current events.

Treating certain categories/topics differently like not expiring certain ones
seems very arbitrary and pretty silly, IMO.

Why not simply have a warning when attempting to post to old threads like most forums do and what this forum used to do?

So again, why is it necessary to expire any thread?

Does anyone have any evidence showing why closing/locking threads based on a period of lack of activity is a good thing and why it is REALLY needed.

--- bill

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