[Auto. MAV] Battery supply to Arduino and surrounding components

My name is seungwan interested in Arduino.
I am trying to make an autonomous MAV(micro air vehicle).

My platform will be composed of Arduino pro mini, ESC(electric speed control), BLDC motor, 10-DOB IMU(gyro, accelerometer, barometer), 2~3 servomotors. and 3.7V lithium polymer batteries.

The weight of the vehicle will range from 20 g to 25 g and the dimension will be about 20cm x 20cm x 20cm.

So far, I confirm that each component operates well from 3.7V.
But, I have no clue about a power supply.
My question is 'How many batteries will be used?'
I am planning to supply batteries(capacity: 40~100 mAh) to the Arduino and ESC, respectively.

Do I need to catch a concept of a power supply by trial and error?
Can you give any advice?

Thank you.
Have a good time!


You need to know the thrust/current curve for the motors/props you are using. Then you can see the
current consumption for various total craft masses and thus get a rough guide to endurance.

25g is very ambitious. Do you mean BLDC when you say BLED? Why not use slotless DC motors like
all the other tiny quadcopters?

Thank you for your reply.
Your advice gives me a good guideline to develop my autonomous MAV.

BLED is my typing error...
I will use the BLDC motor instead of DC motor.
Actually, I am making flapping wing MAV and the BLDC motor operates the power-train which moves the flapping part.

I also want to use a DC motor, but I think that the DC motor lacks torque and rotation speed in comparison with the BLDC motor in case of the same size and weight.

I welcome any question and advice.
Thank you.