Auto Power off with a Pololu MOSFET switch

I have a battery operated UNO + Sensor circuit which i want to power off 15 secs after the user presses a button to power it on.

I bought the Pololu mini power switch planning to use it as a Auto Power off device.

The set up is simple :

The battery power is applied to the Vin and Gnd terminals.

The UNO is connected to the Vout and Gnd terminals.

Pin 2 of the UNO is connected to the control Terminal of the Pololu module.

Upon pushing the button on the module the UNO powers up , does something and after 15 secs pulls the Pin 2 Low. I expect the Pololu module to power down… not happening !!

What am i missing ? ( I can put the UNO to sleep but the sensor circuit draws about 50mA and hence i want to power off completely … of course in the final version even the UNO will be replaced by a barebone 328P chip)

AutoPowerOff Switch.PNG

OK problem solved ...

Two reasons :

I read the instructions more clearly and realized that for power OFF the MCU pin should go High and that pin must be connected to the OFF pin on module !

Second when using jumpers first check if the continuity is OK. I realised this after much trying .

Now all well.