Auto Save Please Please Please!

After losing a load of work again I joined the forum just to post this request.

I work as a programmer, and every other programming environment I've used has an option to save source each time you compile/run code.

As a hobby Arduino-er I'm often hacking late at night so when I finally get something work its switch off and go to bed. When Windows is closing, Arduino IDE does not prompt you to save your work. It shuts down immediately with no fuss and zap... a whole evening's work gone. Yes.. its my own dumb fault, how hard is it to press Save...?? I know.

For the sake of idiots like me, please please please add an option "Save your work each time you compile"? I've seen a few old (dead) threads on this topic so I know its not just me :slight_smile:

2 options:

  1. the code of the IDE is open, so you can add it yourself.
  2. Use an external editor, you have to save your code otherwise the IDE can't compile it :wink:

wrt option 2:

  • I often use notepad++, it has multiple tabs, syntax highlighting, auto opens the last files opened etc