Auto turn arcade monitor 90 Degrees. Help please.

Hi there

I dont normaly ask for help but am having a hard time.

Im looking for a sketch to simply turn a servo to 90 degrees with a keyboard press then back when the same key is pressed again. I plan to map this button to an arcade button on my mame cab so the monitor rotates. I could use an Arcade button wired straight to the arduino if this is easier. I could also use 2 seperate buttons, one for rotate then another to go back if this easier too.

The servo will be powered at all times. Ive had limited sucecess copying stuff from google and using Tera Term but this only works when Tera term is the active window and i need this to run in the background really.

I really have no programming skills so if someone could write me this sketch i would be eternally gratefull thanks.

I'm not sure why you asked your question in the section about the Website and Forum because it has nothing to do with either.

I would normally suggest to the Moderator to move it to the Project Guidance section. However in view of your final sentence you may prefer to click Report to Moderator and ask to have it moved to the Gigs and Collaborations section as that is where you ask for someone to write a program for you. Be prepared to pay.

What you want to do is not difficult so if you want help with learning how to do it yourself then ask for it to be moved to Project Guidance.


So to get this clear: you're talking about a key press on a keyboard connected to a computer, which then in turn sends the value as ASCII character over Serial to the Arduino? Because this means you're basically looking to have the Arduino react to a command received on the Serial bus, and how that command is generated is irrelevant to the Arduino.

This in contrast to a keyboard (or button) connected to the Arduino itself, where the Arduino does the keyboard reading.

Then there's the turning of the monitor itself. That sounds like a rather heavy thing to move, so you have to keep inertia in mind when controlling the servo. Asking it to move as fast as it can to the new position may be a very bad idea: the monitor is moving at it's fastest by the time the new setpoint is reached, and then still has to slow down.